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Attorneys & Legal Professionals

You've paid your dues. College...Law School...Graduate School...Whether you're just starting on the partnership track, or you've already got the corner office, you need a trusted financial advisor who can help you:

  • Save time by researching and analyzing insurance and investment choices for you that meet your criteria and your needs.
  • Create a Strategy for successful achievement of your goals and provide for contingencies to ensure that if the markets change, you are protected on the downside.
  • Track your progress with easy, on-line reports and graphs; quarterly webinar reviews; a face-to-face annual review, so you are always on-top and in control.
  • Maximize your spendable income by providing tax-deductible, tax-deferred or tax-free savings and investment solutions.
  • Protect your income from disability, death or longevity. Protect your assets from the claims of creditors.
  • Provide for a comfortable retirement with inflation hedges and a secure source of income.

We also represent the CALBAR disability and long term care products available with the group discount.

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